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Our Dogs

GLEMARAY  PETSPA  is the first Canine Hydrotherapy Pool in Queensland

New Testimonal

We are dedicated to offering your dog the chance to enjoy a full and active life

Hydrotherapy for Dogs is very new in Australia and we are proud to be in the forefront of this alternative treatment

We have been in the dog world for over forty years with showing, breeding and competitive obedience and Have bred Golden Retrievers under the Glemaray prefix for fifteen years We are also recognized breeders for the NSW Guide dogs

We  realized that there was a need for somewhere for dogs to get positive rehabilitation without muscle wastage and decided to do it ourselves

We have only been operating a short while but already have many dogs who have benefited from our treatments

We have a purpose built facility and everything is dog friendly so that even the most traumatised dogs are as comfortable as can be

The pool is fully enclosed and heated all year round. We have a hoist for dogs who cannot walk and a lift for severely handicapped dogs to get them into the water

The pool is equipped with underwater spa jets which help circulation as well as swim jets to strengthen muscles as they get fitter

We invite you to come for a free cup of coffee and see what we have to offer . We think you will be pleasantly surprised

Hydrotherapy is proven in

Post operative recovery

Injury recovery

Pain Management

Arthritis/Hip Dyspalsia

Muscle definition for show dogs

Gait improvement


Weight Reduction


 Puppy exercise

And we have had positive results in most of these areas


                                                                  Heated therapeutic spa for people 

As the pool is tested three times a day for cleanliness and we hold a council swimming pool permit from the Caboolture Shire Council it is  Very beneficial for humans with muscle problems

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Our Mission

We are dedicated to the health and well being of all dogs , giving positive care to the injured and recovering dogs

We believe that Hydrotherapy can make a difference whether it be building stamina, treating sore muscles or rehabilitation after operations

We encourage a three day consecutive treatment at the beginning ,as this helps to get the circulation flowing through injured muscles, reducing visits to twice a week for a couple of weeks then reviewing the patient for ongoing treatment

We also encourage the owners to feed their dogs a Species Specific Raw Diet as this is the most natural form of eating for the dog and helps the digestive system and thus the circulatory system to perform better, This combined with Hydrotherapy helps the animal to begin self healing.


      Has your dog recently had an operation

      Has your dog any joint problems

      Has your dog any muscle problems

      Has your dog become lethargic with old age

      Is your dog showing signs of aging before its time

      Do your dogs muscles need developing further for fitness or Showing

      Do you pound the pavement with your puppy

      Do you want to protect your puppys developing joints

      Do you just want to enjoy a swim with your dog for exercise 


If you answered YES to any of these questions your dog would benefit from Hydrotherapy at GLEMARAY PETSPA


We have had great success in all areas and have now saved six dogs from certain euthanasia

Contact Information

61 (07) 5496-3387
Postal address
30 Gumtree Court Woodford Qld. 4514
Electronic mail
General Information: rsapwell1@bigpond.com
Webmaster: mooseau@exemail.com.au


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